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Lately, we've been having a play with almond butter and flour as well as coconut flour and oil, with various other ingredients, to make some really tasty and nutritious desserts, snacks and treats. Its lead to a whole lot of research on the best places to buy them as they're not cheap! So far we've uploaded an Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Protein Bar Recipe ; We will continue to get the recipes photographed and uploaded to the site so you can try them but in the mean time we thought we'd let you know what we found as well as a couple of offers that are ending soon!

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First up, the brand of coconut flour that kept coming up in our 'cheap' searches was 'TIANA' which is organic and has various other claims including that it is fairly traded. However, we can go one better until the 31st of March ! We found a website called GoodnessDirect that specialises in 'Eco and Organic' shopping. Anyway, they have a good range of stuff but what makes it even better is that if you order by the 31st of July you can use 'BVK' which is just a code we found on their website here: Saturated fats have single bonds between all the carbon molecules of the fatty acid chain.

Monounsaturated fats have one double bond replacing a single bond in the carbon chain. Polyunsaturated have more than one double bond in the carbon chain. Double bonds are more unstable than single bonds. The more double bonds in a fatty acid, the more unstable it is polyunsaturated is the least stable, followed by monounsaturated, followed by saturated being the most stable. When the double bonds break, the fatty acid undergoes a process called oxidation.

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Processing, heat, light and pressure all cause these double bonds to break. Raw or soaked and dehydrated almonds have their polyunsaturated fats intact, and so the only fat issues are those discussed in the previous section. But putting almond flour in a hot environment—like an oven—is going to break some of those double bonds and create oxidized fatty acids.

5 Reasons to Avoid Almond Flour

Why are oxidized fats bad? Of course, we will inevitably have some free radicals in our body. Fortunately, we can consume sources of antioxidants like fresh fruits and veggies to combat free radical damage. But if too much oxidized fats, like from large amounts of almond flour, are consumed, our body is depleted of antioxidants and damage to body cells ensues.

Want to know what fats are safe and healthy to heat? It looks like I may have missed the mark on this point! According to Sarah Ballantyne , scientist, author and a blogging friend,. If you were cooking with almond oil, this would be true. But, research shows that polyunsaturated fats are much more heat stable when part of the whole foods including the unadulterated seed, but also ground into meals and flours. The best research into the heat stability of polyunsaturated fats in baked goods comes from the study of flaxseed meal and research shows that only an extremely small percentage of the fats are oxidized during cooking.

Researchers speculate that the reason the polyunsaturated fats in flaxseed meal are resistant to heat is because they are not isolated but rather are present in a matrix of other compounds that the flaxseeds contain i. In addition, the presence of antioxidants in the whole ground seed reduces fat oxidation.

These natural antioxidants include lignin fiber rich in phenols, see t his post and vitamin E which nuts and seeds are particularly rich in. Furthermore, the internal temperature of baked goods rarely exceeds F, which is well below the smoking point of even the most easily oxidized and unstable fats. Sarah and I share deep mutual respect but we disagree about the virtues of almond flour. She believes the pros outweigh the cons and I believe the cons outweigh the pros. We are happy to disagree about this point and now we leave you to decide how to incorporate almond flour into your lifestyle.

Enzyme inhibitors are concentrated in all nuts and seeds and, as a result, almond flour contains a significant amount. Enzyme inhibitors are problematic for digestion, since enzymes are necessary to digest all aspects of our meal from carbohydrates to proteins to fats. When we eat food, it is partly digested by stomach acid in the stomach. Then it travels to the small intestine where the acidity of the chyme the food mixture signals the pancreas to release digestive enzymes to further break down the food. The body senses a need for more enzymes, so it overcompensates and the pancreas releases even more enzymes.

King Arthur Almond Flour 16 Ounce. Almond Flour is simply raw blanched whole almonds that have been ground into a fine powder. Use almond meal in cakes, cookies, muffins and other baked goods.

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It is also great as. JK Gourmet uses a whole-foods approach to product development. Our ingredients come from nature, not from a laboratory. Our mandate as a company is to develop delicious, nutritious products using natural whole.

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Grain-free Jk. Imported Products. This shop is not currently part of our online partner program. The offer information is here to help you compare against other offers. As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here. Home Search almond flour. We've made it easier to filter products sold locally and those that are imported. Local sellers 10 Importers 41 Show All. Price Range. Related Searches almond flour recipes. Lowest First Price: Highest First. Write a Review.

The Great Cape Nature's Choice Category: Organic Food. Kirkland Signat This is an import.

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The price may differ greatly compared to locally sourced products. Nuts Category: Blanched ground almond flour is high Brand: Simple Mills Category: